Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emily's garden birthday cake

This is for all the little girls who decide that they are too grown up for pink and purple.

"Thank you your photo. The party went really smoothly and all the girls had a great time.  The cake and cupcakes were a hit. I was secretly hoping there were going to be some left overs, but both were all enjoyed by the girls, I managed to get a couple of spoonful from my son's plate!!!  The chocolate cake was so yummy!!!  No cupcake was left!!!  Thanks Jen for helping me with the cakes and cupcakes. It was exactly how Emily wanted it."

-  Karen H, Brisbane

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aircraft and Mechanics

Chocolate and white chocolate mud cupcakes for Knight's airplane and mechanics-themed birthday.  The airplanes and cloud bits were easy, but the gears took some fiddling to make them look the way I wanted.  What fun, though, to be asked to make something I haven't done before.    

"The cupcakes were really good.  Though we did enjoy the chocolate mudcake slightly more ^^.  Thanks a lot for the photos!  Because nobody waited for the photos to be taken."

-  Knight K, Brisbane

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautiful Girl

This is a lemon poppyseed cake I made for Julie.  I did not want to make her the usual princess-type dolly varden cake.  I wanted something a bit more sophisticated, a bit more elegant, but still keep the pretty and girly attributes.  A beautiful cake for an even more beautiful person.  Happy 50th birthday, Julie.   

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake for Mum's 50th it was amazing... but then all your cakes are!  The lemon poppyseed flavour was delicious and everyone kept saying that the cake is just too pretty to eat!  We can't wait for the next big celebration so we can all indulge in another cake... thanks again."

-  Amanda L, Brisbane

Practically Perfect

Musicals, to me, hold a certain magic.  I have always loved the songs and the dances, the glitter and the energy, and the way it all takes you to another world.  If I could sing and dance and act, it would be a world I would love to be part of.  So it was with a great deal of glee that I took on making these kite, parasol and carousel horse cookies for the Mary Poppins party that Sharnel Dollar styled for her daughter's birthday.  My cookies, in a Mary Poppins party, inspired by one of the best musicals ever produced.  To me, it is practically perfect.

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