Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunny Days

This is the cake I made at Jackie Thompson's stencilling class and gave to MacGregror State School's Mayfest cake stall.   

This is the letter that was forwarded to me after Mayfest.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for calling yesterday. It was a real surprise to hear that we had won the cake auction and we are happy to honour the bid. Haydn will hand in a cheque for the cake today.

As discussed, I confirm that we'd like to donate the cake to all the wonderful staff at Macgregor who work tirelessly every year to make Mayfest a success. It requires tremendous effort, dedication, professionalism and teamwork to seamlessly stage such a huge event year after year for the benefit of students, families and the community at large. A lot of the work is clearly done behind the scenes by the staff of Macgregor. Judging by the responses from the children as they wander with a sense of freedom and safety, from stall to stall, ride to ride, stopping occasionally to check their loot, refuel or play with their friends, Mayfest is a great day out for families.

The cake is absolutely beautiful, clearly represents many hours of expert workmanship and was generously donated to the school for the benefit of many. We don't think its right that just one family should gain from it.

So, we hope you and your wonderful team are able to enjoy a slice of cake as a symbol of a big thank you from all the families in the Macgregor school community for the wonderful work that you do.

Many thanks,
Eleanor, John, Connor, Haydn and Chyna