Friday, February 18, 2011

The colour of my world

I am working on my new website, and have been looking through photos of the cakes and cupcakes I made.  Although it is taking a bit too long to put all the text and photos together, it is a good journey, especially when I stumble onto photos like these, all bright and colourful and... happy :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First birthday cake and Dora

These were Ashlynn and Bridie's birthday cakes.  Since the girls are sisters and had a joint party, I kept the cake colours pretty similar and used the same scarlet ribbons on both cakes. 

This is the email that the girls' mum sent to me:

"Thanks Jen - I have been meaning to email.  The cakes were soooo delicious and looked great too.  Everyone loved them.  My little girl was only interested in eating Dora - so poor Dora's head was first to go!"

I am grateful that I am able to do something that I love.

Cricket Cupcakes

Some years back, when I first started all this cake business, I did more than a few cupcakes with cricket bats and wickets for birthdays.  It has been awhile since, so I was pleased to be asked for cricket cupcakes again.  This time around, it did not take a full day to make the bats, balls and wickets, proving that practice indeed makes perfect.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cookies and milk, and all the good things in life

You give me love, love, love, crazy love.

Vanilla bean sugar cookies and milk.
A huge, huge hug.
  A big sloppy kiss that says 'I love you'.
That's what I want for Valentine's Day ;-) 

Garden Tea Party

These cupcakes, to me, are one of life's little surprises. 

When I started working on these birthday cupcakes, I wasn't sure how all the bright-coloured flowers will work out against three different backgrounds, and how everything will fit in together.  So I just put my head down, went for it with the aim of using up all the flowers I had made, then stepped back and smiled in glee.       

I love the riot of colour on these cakes and the happy thoughts they bring.  I love the randomness of the flowers.  Most of all, I love how something so unexpected can turn out to be something truly wonderful.

21st birthday cupcakes

Simple vanilla cupcakes, some with embossed sugarpaste tops, some with buttercream and a sprinkling of pearls for a 21st birthday celebration.  I am pleased with my husband, Waikay.  He did great with this photo (Waikay Lau Photography, - I could just scoop up that fluff of buttercream with my finger and... mmm...  

Simple Wedding Cake

White chocolate and raspberry mudcakes, frosted with white chocolate ganache.  The flowers are made of fabric and was provided by the bride.

Spoon and fork cookies

I made these sugar cookie spoons and forks as a Christmas present for Jon and Julie's family.  They are, all of them, genuine and real and just plain ol' nice.